Limited Release

Introducing Eyeballz

Created by lifelong artist and cartoonist VJ - Eyeballz is the first project of the Creaturez metaverse. All Eyeballz are unique, hand-drawn, and designed with a retro feel inspired by comics and Saturday morning cartoons.

Creaturez will drop over a series of mints, so keep your eyez peeled. Each Creaturez mint will be different (Robotz, Skullz, plus others) and will have its own unique hand-drawn style. We have some additional surprises in store!

Eyeballz #1-2000 qualify for a free mint for our next major release. Eyeballz #2001-5000 qualify for presale whitelist access for our next major release.



Minting an Eyeballz

5,000 Eyeballz Available

Each Eyeballz variation is unique

Rarities: common, rare, epic, legendary, uber-legendary

Mint Cost: 0.125 SOL

About VJ

VJ has been an artist and arbiter of the bizarre for over 40 years. During his tenure in the art world he's been a creative director for an ad agency, a caricaturist, a painter, and a metalworker. He’s been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil and even produced his own comic book series! Eyeballz are a collection he’s been hand drawing for years and I’m stoked to introduce them to the Solana NFT community!

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Creaturez Roadmap

Phase 1: Eyeballz

  • 🚀  September 15-29: Community growth and GIVEAWAYS!
  • 🏷  September 30: Eyeballz limited mint (5000) - SOLD OUT
  • 🦸‍♂️  October 2021: Release of our Superballz exclusive miniset to reward early adopters
  • 📈  October / November 2021: Adding more value to Eyeballz holders through airdrops and exploring profit sharing options

Phase 2: Battle of the Creaturez

  • 🗺️  2021 / January 2022: Our next major release, BATTLE OF THE CREATUREZ (name TBD). 8-10K Robotz, Skullz, Alienz, and more!
  • 🙌  Eyeballz #1-2000 get a free mint. Eyeballz #2001-5000 get presale whitelist access
  • 💰  January 2022: Battle of the Creaturez profit sharing

Phase #3: Creaturez gaming and metaverse

  • 🎟  TBD: Incorporation of DAO elements for Eyeballz holders
  • 🥊  TBD: Battle of the Creaturez game and metaverse. Development driven by the community


What are Eyeballz?
Eyeballz are part of the Creaturez collection, by artist VJ.
How are the Eyeballz generated?
Each Eyeballz character and background design has been hand drawn by artist VJ. These were then combined using algorithms to produce the different NFT combos. The images are uploaded to Metaplex, the standard way to deploy NFTs on Solana.
How do I purchase an Eyeballz NFT?
On release (TBA) click the “Mint NFT” button at top of this page. We are trying to be as fair as possible, with live minting & instant distribution. However, if the solana blockchain gets clogged it could take a bit of time to receive your NFT.
Is each Eyeballz unique?
Yes, each minted Eyeballz will be unique from each other either by character design or different background.
Which wallet should I use?
Phantom is the recommended wallet.
How to get in touch with us?
We are available via our Twitter and Discord that are linked to on this website.