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The Creaturez






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The Story

Eyeballz are peaceful creaturez. They've been preyed on by the Slimeballz since the dawn of time, sightless creatures who want to steal the ability to see from the Eyeballz.

To help save the Eyeballz, the oh wondrous Oculus created power crystalz and cast them on Creaturez Verse. When the Eyeballz interacted with the crystalz, they became Superballz. The Superballz fought the slimeballz and weakened them until Oculus was able to cast them to the nether regions of the universe.

They've since regained their strength under General Molemax and are preparing for war.

The Team

Creaturez is brought to you by father-son duo @sphincterbob and @TheGoldenEel, along with their trusty dev @djdabs. Inspired by comics and Saturday morning cartoons, Creaturez sets are hand-drawn by a life-long cartoonist. They are designed with a retro feel.

About the Artist

Sphincterbob has been an artist and arbiter of the bizarre for over 40 years. During his tenure in the art world he's been a creative director for an ad agency, a caricaturist, a painter, and a metalworker. He’s been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil and even produced his own comic book series! Eyeballz are a collection he’s been hand drawing for years and we're stoked to introduce them to the world through NFTs!

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Creaturez Roadmap

Phase 1: Initial releases

  • September 15-29: Community growth and GIVEAWAYS!  🚀
  • September 30: Eyeballz limited mint (5000) - SOLD OUT
  • October 2021: Release of our Superballz exclusive miniset to reward early adopters  🦹‍♀️
  • October / November 2021: Adding more value to Eyeballz holders through airdrops and partnerships
  • December 2021: Release comic art and lore around Superballz, plus their arch nemesis Slimeballz
  • December 2021: Release of Slimeballz, with dedicated royalties to community

Phase 2: $BALLZ token and Creaturez Cribz

  • January 2022: Release of our own token - $BALLZ 🟡
  • January 2022: Stake your creaturez NFTs to receive $BALLZ token
  • January 2022: Release of Creaturez Cribz metaverse -- hold NFT from different collections to unlock their Cribz 🗺
  • February 2022: Spend $BALLZ token in the Creaturez metaverse to unlock unique features and upgrades
  • February 2022: Release of Pixelballz, holders of Eyeballz #1-2000 get a free mint

Phase 3: Cribz Expansion and Merch

  • March 2022: Onboard other NFT communities to get their own Cribz 💰
  • March 2022: Release of physical Creaturez merch
  • March-Jun 2022: Play mini games in Creaturez metaverse for prizes 🕹